Customize Your Jeep with Lift Kits


jk wrangler with lift kits

Things you have to know about Jeep Lift Kits:

Jeep lift kits come in different forms such as coil lifts, leaf spring lifts, shackle lifts and add-a-leafs. Each of them has their advantages and disadvantages. Whatever you choose to run off with will depend on multiple factors ranging from the amount of clearance you will need, size of Jeep tires, costs and even brand considerations for some categories of buyers.

There is usually a trade-off vanity lift kits which will simply give your Jeep  an impressive look and the need for some outstanding off-road driving performance. Essentially, Jeep lift kits are ready for use whether for purpose or for different budget levels.

Here are some essential guides:

  • When you are looking for Jeep lift kits, it is important to determine your unique specifi...
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How to Beat Your Opponents and Win an Off-Road Competition


super swamper tires on red jk

If trekking on bumpy and rough terrains is your game, then you need to equip your Jeep with the most dependable tires.  Blazing your vehicle with the proper tires will make it unbeatable on these paths and letting you win this sport.  Challenging roads require tough tires that can tread through mud, swamps and rocks without giving up on you.  For people who want to take the lead on the road, you need to know that there are unique or specific tires created to serve this purpose like the Super Swamper tires.

To fully understand tires, here is a short introduction on the three basic types of tire construction.

The Bias or the Regular Ply tires are ideal for daily use.  They have fewer tread compared to other tires.

The Belted Bias Tires have wider treads that keep you safe on the road be...

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Tonneau Covers: Past and Present


tonneau cover white fordA pickup truck is not only a transport, but a vehicle which is used as a tool. To serve both purposes, it has to take a bit more abuse. To protect a pickup truck, here comes Tonneau cover. Tonneau covers are not used frequently like now. At the very beginning they were used for different purposes, which change a lot to achieve this normal look.

Let us have a look on this history of Tonneau covers. They were designed to protect the unoccupied passengers’ seats, of pickups or others. Especially they were used as a cover for seats and were optional to fix. The French word ‘tonneau’ means container or barrels. They were first used at Europe for the vehicles like Cadillac. The Tonneau covers have been changed a lot and have both hard and soft versions with hinged or rolling up systems...

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Smittybilt Winches


smittybilt logoSmittybilt is a great company.  They make great products and they are the epitome of the American Dream.  I love the story of Smittybilt and every time I write something about them I preface it with a brief history just so the people reading these articles know that it IS possible to achieve your dreams.  Smittybilt was formed in a garage in a man’s backyard.  He was looking to turn surplus WWII Jeeps into serviceable everyday vehicles.  It became a business rather quickly and he brought his son into it at a young age.  As his son grew up he took over and Smittybilt is now larger than ever.  All of this happened because one man had a dream.

Ok, on to the winches.

X20 Winches

The X20 winches made by Smittybilt are the most popular of all of their winches...

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Overview of Detroit Locker


dana 44 detroit locker

A Detroit locker is basically a locking differential.  As you probably already know, your vehicle does come equipped with all necessary differentials.  This is not one of them.  This is what is known as an aftermarket product and while it is a differential it works a little bit differently from a regular differential.

What is the Difference?

Let’s start by explaining what the normal differentials installed on your vehicle do.  A standard differential once attached allows both of the wheels on an axle to rotate at different speeds.  This allows each tire to travel at a speed that is related to how much traction it has or resistance it encounters.

With a locking differential both of the wheels on an axle are “locked” in the same rotational speed...

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You Better Check Those Windshield Wipers


windshield wiper

April is approaching and so is rainy weather. Dealing with slick roads, reckless drivers, and the possibility of catching a cold probably concerns drivers regarding the weather change. Another thing motorists should be aware of on their vehicles is the windshield wipers. They are the greatest keys to a driver’s car in providing the motorist great, clear vision of the road and vehicles that are ahead.

Anyone who has ever driven in a rain or snow storm can attest to the dire importance of windshield wipers. What a lot of people do not know is that windshield wipers were invented by a woman. Inventor Mary Anderson received a patent for her car-window cleaning device in 1903.

Anderson’s invention came about during a trip to New York City when the Alabama-born inventor noticed that streetcar...

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Pro Comp Suspension Systems


Pro Comp Suspensions has built a reputation that is second to none when it comes to the manufacture and distribution of suspension systems and lift kits for the SUV, Jeep and truck market.  The company began its operation with the manufacture and built a great reputation and specialization in that market before expanding its portfolio to other areas such as tyres, wheels, and many other accessories.  Quality has been the hallmark in the company’s modus operandi and its range of products undergo extensive testing before they are released to the marketplace for the Jeep and other 4×4 enthusiasts who put their vehicles through incredible strain during off-road adventures.

Pro Comp Suspension Systems

Pro Comp Suspension Systems

Pro Comp Suspension systems are particularly vital in the 4×4 vehicles where a sturdy susp...

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Super Swamper: the Ultimate in Off Road Tires


superswamperAre you aware that the original swamp tire was made in 1969?  Neither was I until I spoke to a technician named Bo at the Interco Tire Corporation this morning.  Interco Tire Company is the maker of the ever sought after Super Swamper tires.  They have an expertise in this field that cannot be matched by anyone anywhere.  There technicians are the best because not only do they design these tires, they use them every day.  The designs are tested right in the Interco Tire Company’s back yard…the Louisiana swamps.  There is not a better place in the world to test swamp tires.

Today we will be discussing a few of the Super Swamper tires.  If when you finish reading this Super Swamper review you want to see more, then you can always check them out on their web site.

Narrow SS

This ti...

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Warn: Winches for Everyone


warnWhen Warn was started in the 1940’s it was not with the intention of being the most respected producers of winches in the world.  In fact, they did not even make winches until 11 years after their inception when they made the very first winch ever for recreational use.  Instead, Warn was founded with the intention of turning all of the surplus Jeeps from WWII into serviceable every day vehicles.  Obviously they have branched out in the 70+ years that they have been in business.  Now they make winches, hoists and they still make the locking wheel hubs that they got their start with.  They have patents on a lot of their products and they are now owned by the Dover Corporation.

That is enough of the backstory today.  That is not the purpose of this Warn review...

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Skyjacker: Giving you the Lift that you need


skyjackerSince 19974 Skyjacker has been making some of the most sought after suspension and lift kits on the market.  The reason that they are sought after is not just their prices either.  It is because of the quality of their workmanship.  It is because of their attention to detail.  It is for their innovation, designs and the durability of what they make.

So why do people want to lift their vehicles anyway?  People do it for different reasons.  Some like the added aggressiveness that it gives to the stance.  Some people are avid off road enthusiasts and appreciate the extra ground clearance, while some drivers want the larger wheels and tires that adding a lift kit to your vehicle can make accommodations for.

No matter what your reason for wanting to lift your vehicle is Skyjacker has a l...

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